So, if anyone checks this website on a semi-regular basis you may have noticed that it’s gone through a few changes in the last couple days. Please bear with me, I am trying to perfect the site & get the templates perfect – so far, I think I’ve almost got it – so definitely feel free to comment or send a message to let me know what you think & how I can make it better!

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The 2010 Holiday Gift Guide will kick off on Monday, 11/8/10, with 2 amazing gift ideas (at least, I think so). Remember, you can expect 2 gift ideas per day (1 for guys, 1 for gals), and they’ll go up around 11:30AM, Monday through Friday – so remember to SUBSCRIBE to The Blogtini and follow us on Twitter so you don’t  miss a thing.
As some of you may recall, this blog started with me just posting about random rants & raves about my life. I am going to try to add a little more structure to the blog, but those random rants will still be here (most people tell me that those are the ones they like the most) mixed amongst the posts about celebrities, fashion, and all things pop culture. 

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