Holiday Gift Guide #14: Gifts for Nerds

Grab Bag Gift
Company: Amazon
Featured Item: Kindle, $139.00
Ok, by “nerds” what I really mean is people who like to read – a lot. Like me. I really, really love to read – magazines, books, cereal boxes – if it has words on it, I’ll take the time to read it. But for some reason I have an aversion to borrowing library books. I like to own books, so I can read them over and over without being charged $.10 per day if I don’t finish quickly enough. 
This had lead to a strong affinity for Kindle by Amazon. The important part of my love affair with Kindle is Amazon’s website, which provides a fantastic list of recommendations. And when I say a “fantastic list” I mean a truly great compilation of books I’ve been meaning to get to, or books I’ve never heard of but once I purchase them, they’re phenomenal. On more than one occasions Amazon’s suggestions for me have lead to me beginning to read great books I probably wouldn’t have picked up otherwise. AND – you can customize the list, telling Amazon to stop suggestions based on certain books, or to stop suggesting a book you already own. You can also include books that you have read, but don’t like so that Amazon can take that into consideration.
The prices of Kindle books are great too! They’ve got the free “Classics” (Alice In Wonderland, Moby Dick, Pride & Prejudice, etc) as well as today’s best sellers which usually range from $5-$9 (cheaper than buying a real book at the store).
{As a side note: My friend received a Kindle as a present in September and said she’s only charged it a couple of times since then. Pretty impressive!}

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