If there is one thing Boyfriend really, really enjoys in live (besides football… and watching movies… and playing video games… and listening to podcasts about all of the aforementioned), it's Thanksgiving. Not the holiday aspect, just the meal aspect. He insists he could eat it every day of his life. In fact, he's made claims on the left overs at both my family's Thanksgiving meal and his family's. It's intense.

So today we decided to make our own attempt at a Thanksgiving meal. We went to Stop and Shop this morning and purchased an adorable turkey (is it weird that I loved it because it was little? Only 9.75lbs!) and I spent some time researching how to perfectly roast a turkey. And yes, I used Pippa Middleton's book, Celebrate, as a reference guide (and my mother, of course… and … you know, the Internet).

I also hunted down some recipes for homemade mashed potatoes, because the boxed kind creep me out.

Here are the two recipes I found, and here's a link to Pippa's book. My mom said I can't post her e-mail address or phone number online. Sorry.

Click "Read More" for some photos of the cooking experience!


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