Diabolical Pippa Sets Up Kate

Rumor has it that Pippa Middleton is responsible for setting up the recent photo leak of her sister and brother-in-law (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Prince William and Kate Middleton) while on a family vacation in Mustique.

For better or worse, Kate and Pippa were first known for their renowned social climbing, and were once dubbed The Wisteria Sisters – after the fragrant, pretty, and upwardly mobile vine. Sources are now saying that Pippa has been a bit jealous of all the good press Kate has been getting recently since Poor Pippa has been getting dragged through the mud for her attempts at becoming an author. (By the way, I own the book and I rather enjoy it. In fact, I used it earlier today for the delightful roast chicken recipe.)

Apparently, Pippa and her mother, Carole, (who has been rumored to have orchestrated the entire romance between Wills and Kate by shipping Kate off to all the “right” schools and having her effectively stalk Prince William across the globe) arranged for a photog to snap and sell pictures of the family.

The photos have two sides for Kate and Wills – while it gives the world the first glimpse at Kate’s bump and shows her looking positively lovely, it also portrays the image that the Cambridges are lazy and work shy. Pippa, meanwhile, comes out glowing – walking along the beach looking amazing, with her super attractive (and wealthy) boyfriend on her arm.

I for one don’t believe the rumors that the romance between Wills and Kate was orchestrated by Carole, or that Pippa would do something so devious (although, I have to admit that the Middleton sisters haven’t appeared as close as they once were as of late), but what do you think?

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