Makeup Haul || MAC & Sephora

I’ve never done a haul before – probably because I rarely spend money on myself. But I was in desperate need of some new cosmetics (everything was either running out or just not matching my skin tone correctly anymore since I stopped tanning), so Saturday morning at 11am I picked up my little sister and off to the mall we went!
A quick shot of everything I bought.

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The first stop was the MAC counter in Nordstrom, where I had my foundation matched. I’ve always worn MAC foundation, since I need a bit more coverage than other brands provide. For years and years I was an NC25 (StudioFix) – but recently I’ve made a pointed effort to avoid too much sun exposure (especially tanning beds), and now that my skin is pasty* white (which is not a good look on me) my makeup hasn’t been matching properly.

* As pasty as a girl with an olive complexion can get.
The woman at the counter told me I’m a NW20. When I’ve got more of a tan to my skin tone, the Portuguese oliveness (greenish/yellow tones disguised with a quick and semi-dark tan) comes out more, but when I’m tanless my English/Swedish/German peaches and cream comes out, I guess. It’s weird.
Since my skin is weirdly oily and dry (at the same time, in the same places), the makeup artist set me up with a liquid foundation (MAC Mineralize) and a power to set (MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder).

{Please ignore my hands/fingers – they’re one of my absolute least favorite features.}


My next step was Sephora, since that’s where I buy my “goodies.” And by “goodies” I mean mascara, eyeshadow, blush… basically everything except my foundation. I intended only to get a new mascara, eyeliner, and eyeliner sharpener but … alas … that wasn’t the case.
On my way over to the mascara I stopped by the eyeshadow display to browse with my sister, who was looking for some new purple tones. And of course, I remembered that my eyeshadow color of choice is beginning to get empty – so I picked up a new one.

Then I grabbed a palette, because I’m made of money, right? Wrong. But whatever.


Then I made my way over to the mascara/eyeliner section – where I grabbed my go-to “Lash Plumper” mascara (Sephora brand). My eyelashes are super long (confirmed by the MAC makeup lady) and kind of thick, but since they’re so long they refuse to curl. They kind of just fold in half in the curler, it’s ridiculous. So, to compensate, I just use a plumping mascara to give them a bit more oomf.
I followed the mascara up with a new black kohl eyeliner. I’ve got blue/grey eyes and dark blonde (but highlighted light blonde) hair, so I really should be using brown eyeliner. But my eyebrows are kind of dark, and I just like how black looks so yeah, there.
And an eye pencil sharpener, just for kicks.
 And finally, as I was making my way to the register I decided I needed new brushes. I’ve been using one of the sets that you can pick up at the drugstore, and while they get the job done, the bristles are constantly falling out and they aren’t exactly “high end.” I decided that I would buy myself a Kubuki and a blush brush, and then try to pick up a new brush every month or so until I have a complete set of high end brushes.

So there you have it, my first haul. (Well, that I’ve decided to post.)

What are your favorite brands/products?

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