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Watermelon Punch

It’s officially summer. Cue up the daydreams of laying on the beach or by the pool, hanging out by a bonfire, and eating Watermelon at your favorite Independence Day event. (What? Is that last one just me?)

To kick off summer the right way, try this adult (and delicious) take on Watermelon. Bonus: It’s super quick and easy, and will have you back to lounging in the sun in no time flat!

Watermelon Punch

Watermelon Punch


3 Cups Seeded Watermelon, Cut Into 1.5 Inch Pieces
1.5 Cups White Vermouth
1.5 Cups Superfine Sugar
3 Cups Crushed Ice
Optional: Edible Pansies, For Garnish


Place watermelon, vermouth, and sugar in a blender; process until watermelon has been liquefied, about 10 seconds.
Add ice; process 3 seconds more.
Garnish with pansies (optional), and serve in chilled glasses.

Recipe and image via Martha Stewart.

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