Office Inspo

In addition to blogging, I’ve got a full-time job.¬†Sad, I know. But I’ve gotta pay the bills somehow.

Moving on!

Every day, I arrive at work and step into my office, all proud and what not that I’ve actually got an office. Not just a desk somewhere, or a cubicle with flimsy little “walls,” and actual office. With a door! ¬†Unfortunately, it’s a bit – shall we say – bleak. The walls are white. The furniture is grey and plastic. Most people who’ve worked here for a while have very personal touches in their offices, but I’ve only been here a few months (7, actually) and just haven’t gotten around to making my office “home-y.”

The thing of it is – when I sit at my desk, I just stare at a blank, empty, white wall. It’s very uninspiring. To remedy that, here are a few prints I’d love to see hanging on the wall across from my desk.

calm-light-blue_2 ks-Rose-570x382 London Poster tumblr_mj3nr6QLoj1rufn13o1_400 Wall Art Inspo

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