Princess Beatrice Is Flying Free

Princess Beatrice and David Clark

Princess Beatrice, the eldest daughter of Prince Andrew, The Duke of York, has reportedly quit her job in the finance industry.

Princess Beatrice and David Clark
Princess Beatrice and David Clark

The 25 year old princess and her younger sister have long spoken up about how they wish to become working royals, however that idea was firmly quashed last year when it was announced that they would not undertake any royal duties – at least for the time being. With that, Princess Beatrice set out to find herself a real job. That job, it seems, was in the ever-vague “finance” field, where she’d worked for the last year.

Now, it seems, with rumors swirling that an engagement announcement is imminent, Princess Beatrice has quit her job. Richard Kay, of The Daily Mail, has been keen to point out that the princess has been on an enviable amount of personal vacations this year, while also citing sources close to her that insist she’s earnestly looking for another full-time position.

Princess Beatrice Vacation
Princess Beatrice, with longtime boyfriend David Clark, on holiday with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis.

Wondering where the princess has been on holiday this year? Richard Kay broke it down for us:

Currently sunning herself along with her parents at a secluded Spanish villa in Sotogrande, it is the latest trip in a whirl of foreign travel.

She has already enjoyed three holidays to the South of France with long-term boyfriend Dave Clark. On one visit to St Tropez she was even seen socialising with Hollywood’s Ashton Kutcher and his glossy girlfriend Mila Kunis.

Two weeks ago, Beatrice and her sister Eugenie were in Venice where they joined their mother, the Duchess of York, supermodel Kate Moss and Jools Holland for a couple of days hosted by businessman Sir David Tang. And after a lavish party at Royal Lodge — Andrew’s home near Windsor — to celebrate her birthday, Bea joined her family for a weekend at Balmoral with the Queen.

Yet these are not the full extent of her travelling this year. In March, both princesses flew to South Africa for the wedding of Sir Richard Branson’s son Sam to actress Isabella Calthorpe. And in February they could be found in the Swiss ski resort of Verbier, with the Duke of York.

While many people seem to be finding issue with the fact that the princess has quit her job, we think that’s unfair. She (and her younger sister, Princess Eugenie) do not have publicly paid protection officers, they do not live off of public funds, and they are not allowed to undertake official royal duties with their grandparents, father, and cousins William and Harry. They are, in essence, wealthy girls who happen to belong to the royal family. If they aren’t utilizing public funds, what they do in their personal lives and their professional careers should really be of no concern to the general public.

What do you think? Is Princess Beatrice within her rights to vacation as she pleases, or should she be acting more “normal” and keeping the holidays to a minimum?

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