Carole Middleton Moving Into Kensington Palace?

After a wee bit of speculation, rumors that Carole Middleton is getting her own little flat in Kensington Palace have been officially squashed by royal reps.

Mike and Carole Middleton
Mike and Carole Middleton

Over the weekend, it was being reported that Carole would be getting her own space at Kensington Palace in order to be on hand whenever her daughter and son-in-law (aka Kate Middleton and Prince William) needed help caring for little Prince George. However, it turns out that it was nothing but the rumor mill spinning.

Royal representatives told The Telegraph this morning that there are absolutely no plans for the Middletons to move into Kensington Palace… currently.

According to the article,

…there are no arrangements for the Duchess’s parents to have their own designated quarters at the royal apartment. … It is believed there will be at least one guest room there where Carole and Michael Middleton could stay, but no suite of rooms set aside for them in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s 21-room home.


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