Are The Duke and Duchess of York Getting Remarried?

The Duke and Duchess of York

With her very telling invite back to Balmoral earlier this summer, it seems that things are definitely on the up and up for Sarah, Duchess of York and Prince Andrew, The Duke of York.

The visit, combined with the fact that The Duke and Duchess have continued living together since their divorce in 1996, is leading many to speculate as to what this means for the couple – specifically, could the couple be planning to get re-married?

The Duke and Duchess of York
The Duke and Duchess of York on their wedding in 1986.

Their marriage, like that of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, was plagued by rumors and misdeeds. The couple separated in 1992 and officially divorced in 1996, but throughout the entire ordeal and to present day have been totally committed to raising their daughters – Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – together, with as little drama as possible. (Well, besides all of those personal scandals.)

While many fans of the couple are rooting for a reconciliation, it’s highly unlikely that it would happen during Prince Philip’s lifetime, if at all. Prince Philip is not a huge fan of Sarah, especially considering the black marks she’s put on the family (toe sucking, anyone?) and is said to have been a major catalyst in their divorce in the first place.

Whatever happens, here’s wishing these two crazy kids the best!

What do you think – are Sarah and Andrew about to walk down the aisle, again?

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