Pippa Middleton Pokes Fun At Herself

Pippa Middleton Celebrate

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Pippa Middleton, it’s that she has an awesome sense of humor. (Okay, it’s not so great that she wants other people profiting from it, but we’re okay with that!)

Pippa Middleton Celebrate

When her first book, Celebrate, was released last year Pippa Middleton and her family were surely anticipating that it would be a big hit. And – in the most broad terms, it was. After all, it isn’t often that a cook book/DIY book ends up seeing nearly as many copies in its first week (or in pre-sale) as her did. But it wasn’t exactly a critically acclaimed work of art, either. In fact, Pippa took a lot of flack from book reviewers and consumers alike for her seemingly simplistic approach to giving tips.

Some of the tips were so seemingly-ridiculous that they spawned a parody Twitter account, which spouts off such daily gems as “Swimming can be a great way to get in shape or to get across a body of water,” and “Recover from tiredness by resting.”

Luckily for her (and for us!), Pippa seems to have an amazing sense of humor.

Pippa Middleton Pulling A Face
Pippa Middleton pulling a face.


In nearly every piece she’s written since the book was published (and there have been a lot, since she’s now a writer for Vanity Fair, the Telegraph, The Spectator, and Waitrose magazine), she’s proven that she doesn’t take herself too seriously, and that she’s in on the joke. In fact, in the Monday edition of the Telegraph, Pippa – in an article recounting her recent trip to a hidden-gem of a flower market in London – took another jibe at herself saying, “I’m keeping a record of this floral wisdom; it’s a useful addition to my repertoire of world-renowned tips (“Be sure to point the nozzle of your Glory spray at the flowers” etc).”

Seriously guys, SHE SAID THAT. Pippa Middleton – the aunt of the future King of England – is completely aware of the fact that some people dislike her, and she’s 100% okay with it – to the point that she embraces it and uses it to her advantage!

And seriously, that just makes us love her even more.

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