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There are some big changes happening for me in real life – some of which I can’t/won’t talk about here, and others that I’ll happily dish. For starters, I’ve officially launched my own company (while maintaining my full-time job!) – CED Communications, LLC – tell your friends! What that means is that I’ll be super busy. I’ve had a few clients I’ve been quietly juggling for a while now, but it got to the point that I needed to “make it official” and basically put a ring on my freelance work and really embrace it.

My dream home office, for the two of us – of course!

So, in addition to working at the college full-time (a job I love – shoutout to my awesome boss!), I’ll also be spending lots more time in my home office. But, my boyfriend happens to work from home 90% of the time – which means “our” home office is kind of “his” office, that I get to snag when he’s doing something dude-ish (like playing video games or watching football). The office also functions as our guest room (when we moved in my parents bought us the most comfortable couch in the world that happens to pull out to a queen sized bed) and a spare TV room (so that when he’s watching football for 16 hours straight on a Sunday I can zone out to HGTV and Say Yes To The Dress marathons). Basically – I need to make my workspace at home functional, but also kind of easy to transport. I don’t want to be bound to working solely in the office, because it could inconvenience my boyfriend, who – again – actually does need the office for his full-time  job. I also need to up the organization factor. Right now boyfriend and I kind of have a “your side/my side” split going on on the top of the desk, but … it’s not cute. And we have some things, like the mail, that don’t have a “place” and end up getting left in various places around the apartment when they could be finding a lovely home in the office!

And so, without further ado – here are some home office sprucing up items that I am totally drooling over right now!

Desk by Design


Business Card Holder // Expanding Binder File (for portability!)

Mint Julep Cup Pencil Holder // Revere Bowl // Desk Caddy // Nest Magazine Holder

{PS: I fell in love with basically everything on the See Jane Work website while researching this post (aka online shopping), which is where all of these pieces are from!}

For more Home Office ideas, and desk organizers/knick-knacks I’m loving, check out my Pinterest board! 

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