Does Kate Middleton Have A Secret Stylist?

The Duchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton) has, since the beginning of time (or at least since her engagement to Prince William was announced) managed to remain a complete enigma in the fashion world. She’s got impeccable style but her office has always maintained that she does not use a stylist.

The Duchess of Cambridge
The Duchess of Cambridge

Now, reports are coming out that that may not be 100% accurate.

Grazia Daily is speculating that Kate’s long-time friend Emilia Jardin-Paterson (who was recently named as one of Prince George’s godparents) may actually be acting as her unofficial stylist, taking the reins on selecting and/or approving all of Kate’s ensembles for her public engagements. It hasn’t been reported as to whether or not Emilia – who is a professional Interior Designer and has also reportedly assisted The Cambridges in their renovation of Apartment 1A at Kensington Palace – is on the official payroll, and probably never will be

Now, that’s a pretty tall claim – especially since Emilia and Kate are such close friends . After all, what woman wouldn’t call her best friend for fashion advice when she’s got to be dressed to the nines with the expectation that hundreds of cameras will be catching her every move and angle?

What do you think – is Kate Middleton employing her friend, Emilia Jardin-Paterson as her stylist, or is Emilia just helping out the way any good friend would?

Photos courtesy of schultzstm via photopin cc.

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