Prince Harry, Dominic West, and Alexander Skarsgard walk into a bar…

No, this isn’t the set up to a joke – it’s a real story.

Prince Harry South Pole

The three charity-trekkers (all three reached the South Pole last week!) were hoping to imbibe in some libations once their journey ended but alas, it was not to be.

To make matters worse, in addition to being unable to grab a drink (apparently only employees are able to buy alcohol or cigarettes from wherever they were) Prince Harry and company were also apparently “very smelly,” something that the bar patrons felt the need to share with the world.

Well – to that I’d just like to point out that of course they were smelly. They had just done a three-week trek to the South Pole for charity! They weren’t sleeping in hotels and living in the lap of luxury that they’re probably used to – they were roughing it in the roughest sense of the word.

And if that doesn’t deserve a congratulatory drink then I don’t know what does!

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