I’ll be honest. I’ve gone back and forth with how to handle The Blogtini in recent weeks. I’m now blogging for three other websites, in addition to writing for my clients,  AND my full-time job, and I’ve been struggling to keep up here. To make it a bit easier I’ve decided to go back, at least for now, to the “scheduled” style of blogging. I’ll try to also keep updated with fashion and beauty news on a regular basis – but no promises.

So, as of now, here’s the schedule:

  • Monday – Royal Roundup. A recap (probably in the form of a link roundup) of all the royal news that’s happened throughout the past week.
  • Tuesday – Beautsday. Beauty posts, of course!
  • Wednesday – Wedding Wednesday! For the next 15 months or so you’ll get to hear all about my wedding planning adventures on a weekly basis – get excited, haha.
  • Thursday – I’m Lusting After. I’ve been doing this series for a while now, although it’s become somewhat sporadic recently.
  • Friday – Cocktail Hour! And possibly a weekly link roundup.

As I said, I’m going to do my best to keep coming back daily for quick little posts, either personal stuff (although I’ll try to keep that to a minimum) or the fashion/beauty stuff you’ve come to know and love. I’ll also do my best to keep posting about our favorite royals and celebrities, but there are some circumstances that may keep me from doing that as frequently as I used to. (Although you can bet I’ll still be posting about The Middleton family here!)

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