James Middleton Launches Instagram Marshmallows

James Middleton, the younger brother of The Duchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton) and Pippa Middleton, has recently launches his latest (in a long line) business endeavor.

James Middleton Boomf
James Middleton holding up a Boomf marshmallow.

Apparently, James is hoping that the next “big thing” in social media will be Boomf, which are edible Instagram marshmallows. Yup, you read that right.

Some examples of Boomf marshmallows.

The idea was launched last year, although James’s name was intentionally kept out of things until the launch. According to co-founder Andy Bell, “Web products tend to be bit flaky to start with as there are so many things to get right. We wanted to launch and fix initial problems without media attention.” Obviously if James’s name had been attached to the project from the get-go, the media would have lapped it up and the kinks couldn’t be worked out in private.

So what exactly is Boomf? Well, the general idea is that you can have your favorite Instagram photos printed onto an edible marshmallow. Simple as that! If you’re wondering what they might be used for, I’ve already decided that I’d love to try to get some as little gifts for my bridesmaids!

Photos courtesy of MarieClaire.co.uk.

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