Link Up | Five On Friday #1

I haven’t done a linkup in forever and this seemed like a great one to start off with! It’s hosted by Hello! Happiness, and you can check out the rest of the linked-up blogs here!

  1. Surprise Returns. My fiance came home a day early from his business trip yesterday! I wasn’t expecting him home until late tonight but he managed to make it home by 7pm yesterday, woo!
  2. Electricity. Seriously, you’ll never value it more than when the power goes out and you’re sitting alone in a room with no windows (it was my office, not a bathroom – haha). I was seriously freaked out. Which means I guess I should also make the built in iPhone flashlight another thing to be happy about!
  3. YouTube. As I confessed last night on Twitter I am totally addicted to all of the UK YouTubers. They’re all so freaking adorable. And hello – their accents! Watching their videos is such a fun way to pass a bit of time.
  4. Snow Days. We had one on Wednesday of this week and it left me feeling completely refreshed and re-energized. I slept late, did ALL of my laundry (a miracle, really), snuggled with the kittens, and hung out with a friend (oh, and made that silly Accent Challenge video!). Perhaps we should always have Wednesdays off? I would totally go for that!
  5. Hot Cocoa. With extra marshmallows, please! Is there anything better than curling up at night, putting on your favorite show, and sipping on some hot cocoa with your kittens and love of your life by your side? No, I don’t think there is.

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