There have been some big changes in these parts lately. Not with the blog (although I suck at writing here now, as you’ve undoubtedly noticed), but with my personal life. Relax. Breath. The wedding is still very much on. In fact, that’s probably the only thing that is going the way I want it to be going (for the most part). 

On February 12 I was told that the 14th would be my last day of work at the college. I was hurt and disappointed – but not entirely surprised. I had seen the writing on the wall for a while, and when my boss told me that they were eliminating my position because an agency was coming on board, well… I think I took it better than her. (Although tears were shed when I left work that day.) So yes – at first I was hurt. Disappointed. A wee bit shocked. And totally sad. I celebrated Valentine’s Day with gorgeous flowers and a fantastic dinner with my fiance – capped with an entire bottle of champagne. Whoops! With that – I’m back on the job hunt. But this time I’m being selective. Very selective. No more accepting the first offer someone makes me.


I’m also in a very interesting position – I’ve been slowly building up my freelance business for a while now, and it turns out that I’ve got enough clients that I’m in a pretty good position. And suddenly, there are more coming in. While I’ve been being very selective while applying for jobs, I’ve also had the opportunity to live the life I’ve kind of dreamed of – the “work for myself, work from home, freelance” lifestyle. Oh, and kind of the “professional writer” lifestyle. It isn’t glamorous. And I’m not making the big bucks – but being let go from my job may just have been the biggest blessing in disguise.

So hopefully I’ll be writing here more, and able to turn this into what I’ve always wanted it to be. And hopefully I’ll be able to continue building my business. Keep your fingers crossed for me, loves!



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