Beautsday || Perfect Beauty Tweezers

I was recently sent a set of Perfect Beauty tweezers and … you guys, this is going to sound ridiculous, but I am in love with them. I’m not sure if you can read the little card that is in the photos (and I apologize for the crap quality of the photos), but it says:

  • Handfiled Tips
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% Pure Stainless Steel
  • Free Sharpening
  • Lifetime Guarentee


In addition to the completely adorable design of these tweezers (I got to try out the super cute Flower collection), one of my favorite things about them was the weight.

I know, that sound kind of weird – but they felt quite sturdy in my hand. I’ve been using another brand of tweezers for a few years now, so it was a little bit of an adjustment to get used to using a pair that felt heavier than what I was used to, but once I did I felt that the added weight actually helped my hand to be steadier.


The tip of these tweezers is also super filed and fine, and was able to grasp even the tiniest little hairs (that I probably shouldn’t have been trying to tweeze yet!) with ease.

The tweezers retail for $21.90, and I would say are definitely well-worth the investment. Especially since they have a lifetime guarantee and FREE sharpening.

{Disclosure: I received these tweezers free to try, however this review contains my 100% honest opinion of the product.}

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