Lady And The Pant

Something interesting has been happening lately. Well, interesting only if you’re into fashion. And I am, so therefore – interesting.

It seems that some of Hollywood’s leading ladies have decided that it’s 100% acceptable to wear pants. I’m not just talking about while they’re walking down the street. Because obviously they can. That’s a totally normal, and even well-advised thing to do.  I’m talking about in scenarios when typically it  just… well, isn’t done. On the red carpet at the BAFTAs, for example (here’s looking at you, Angie!). Or while appearing on a late night talk show. Selena Gomez  went 100% red power suit (yeah, red!) while giving a speech at a conference. Shailene Woodley even rocked sneakers on the red carpet for her film Divergent.

Honestly, I don’t feel one way or another about the entire thing. Other than that I completely acknowledge that it probably takes a lot of guts to rock a pant suit on a red carpet (and that it probably took a Liza Minnelli an entire horse tranquilizer to wear that blue shiny thing on the Oscars red carpet. Or not. Because she’s Liza freaking Minnelli.).

Is this going to become the new trend in women’s formalwear? Are the days of ballgowns and sheath dresses with amazing capes (Queen Maxima, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow!) coming to an end? What do YOU think of this new trend?

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