Wedding Wednesday || Floral Arrangements Galore

The strangest thing about wedding planning is probably that I’m having the most fun with floral arrangements. I’ve got no idea why, especially since floral arrangements tend to fall onto the list of “things brides wish they hadn’t spent so much money on” but man – I am loving it.

Wedding Floral Arrangement sneak peek
I’m not super into showing details of my wedding prior to the big day, but here’s a sneak peek at what the center pieces will most likely end up looking like. Via Instagram (with a filter)

I booked my florist the same way I booked my photographer (more on them later!) – gut instinct. Of course we met with a couple of florists, but in the end there was just one that blew us away. And by “us” I mean my mother and I – although Chuck did come along for the initial meeting. I instantly felt comfortable with him (the florist, not Chuck – although, him too), and he somehow managed to figure out what I was trying to – very inarticulately – explain as my “vision.” As it turns out, “vintage glam, with a purple-y gray-y color” isn’t something that people have an easy time of deciphering. But this guy did. Each time I mentioned an element I admired he would whip out a photo as a reference point to make sure we were on the same page. And he was dead on every single time.

And oh, when we went in to see a sample arrangement… was I ever impressed?!

As we (this time “we” being my mother, my mother’s best friend, and I) arrived he was still working on the sample arrangement – a full-sized version of one of the taller centerpieces I had my eye on. And it was pretty much love at first sight. He wasn’t even halfway finished with it when we walked in and I was already sold. By the time he was finished I was just… completely in love. 

I’m not sure how many of the actual final details I’ll be sharing on here, but I’m sure that at some point post-wedding I’ll share a photo of the flowers – if only for the sole purpose of promoting my new go-to florist.

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