Wedding Wednesday | Sweating For The Wedding

Do you know what I am loathing most about this whole wedding planning thing? It’s the “getting in shape for the wedding” thing.

Sweating for the wedding

In high school (and for a brief time in college) I was an athlete. Two or three hours of practice per day were the norm. Even during the off-season I was still running to stay in shape for the next season.  When my collegiate athletic career ended, my will-power did too. But I had the benefit of walking to and from class to add some inadvertent exercise into my days.

For a while, I was dragged (literally – one time one of my sisters dragged me down the stairs) out of my sorority house a few times per week to go to the gym. I would half-heartedly run on the treadmill for a while, or hit up a pilates class. But that was about it. When I graduated I got a job in Boston and joined the gym in my office complex. I even had a personal trainer for a little while… like, a week. I then tried Crossfit – which I loved but, newsflash, is expensive. And then… I basically just stopped.

Sweating for the wedding

So now I’m back at the gym. And I’ve got a trainer. And she kicks my ass twice per week for 30 minutes. I was with her yesterday, and today I can barely move my arms. I’m looking to lose about 20lbs… by July. I know, the wedding isn’t until next March (believe me, I know!) but once my dress comes in I’d like to be back in fighting shape, so that the alterations (please God let there be a need for alterations) don’t have to be too drastic, or done too many times.

I know there’s probably no quick fix or magic phrase to use to make this easier – but what are/were some of the workouts that you’ve found helped you torch calories and see results? Should I be signing up for a boot camp? Hitting pilates 12 times per week? Embarking on some hot yoga sessions? Lay it on me, ladies!

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