Wedding Wednesday | The Veil

For my entire life I’ve had a couple of dreams for my wedding – and one of them was to have a loooooong veil. I’ve also always loved the way a blusher (the piece of the veil that falls in front of the brides face) looks. (Oh, and one of the only things my father has asked about my wedding is if I planned to have a blusher, which makes me think he wants “that moment.” And if he wants that moment, then it’s his!)

I mean honestly, is there anything more beautiful than a woman walking down the aisle with her veil flowing behind her, and a delicate blusher concealing her features until the very moment her father (or whomever is “giving her away”) lifts it up for her husband-to-be to see? No, I don’t think there is.

Veil with blusher
A traditional veil with a blusher (I would NOT use a tiara).

Unfortunately, it appears that long (ie: cathedral length) veils don’t come readily with blushers. Actually, no veils really come with blushers any more – they seem to have fallen out of style a bit. I’ve been told by a few bridal shops that I could purchase a cathedral length veil and a fingertip veil, have them put together, and then have a custom veil.

… which got me thinking.

Wouldn’t it be better to have an actual custom veil? I met yesterday with a custom dress/veil designer (who shall remain nameless/secret, but has worked on a variety of television and movie sets as the costume/wardrobe designer and even won an Emmy!) and she came up with the most amazing idea for a custom veil. It will perfectly compliment my gown, while adding in some very personal and traditional family elements. Honestly… I almost cried when she showed me her very quick sketch!

The problem? Well… price. Having a famed Hollywood designer custom design/produce a veil is a bit pricey – but as far as I’m concerned, worth it. (Although we’ll have to wait and see what my mother says.) We’re just in preliminary talks, and nothing has been decided yet, but man – if we can somehow pull off what she and I discussed yesterday it would probably be the second most amazing part of my wedding – with the first being the marrying my best friend portion.

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