30 Day Challenge | No Carbs!

I have shingles. You know, that disease that is usually reserved for people who are 60 years old – yeah, that one. It’s one tiny patch just to the right of my tailbone, which is quite uncomfortable but so far nothing I can’t handle with a bit of whining. The problem here is that I was determined to lose 10 lbs in the next month. I was going to up my excise game, and really get a handle on the foods I’m eating. My fiance and I are taking our engagement photos in just over a month and I want to look a bit more svelte.

But the shingles, man – their placement makes working out kind of impossible since clothing rubbing on them makes me want to scratch my skin off, and I can’t really do anything that involves laying down or sitting (crunches, most things involved in Pilates, squats, etc). Luckily mine seem to be strictly itchy, as opposed to searingly painful ::knock on wood::. Side Planks pilates So here’s the plan – and let’s see if I can stick with it for a month (because once it’s on the Internet, it becomes a rule and I become accountable)… I’m going to do my best to go carb-free for a month! There are always bloggers, foodies, and even some doctors touting the benefits of a gluten free diet, so hopefully a lack of carbs will help spur a bit of weight loss without me wanting to peel my skin off. (Note: When I say “carbs” I’m talking pasta, bread, cereals, etc. I do plan on eating potatoes still – in a very basic fashion, since they’re filling and a “good” [if there is such a thing] carb.)

Do any of you have suggestions for trimming and toning exercises that may not irritate my skin? Right now I’m thinking things like planks and pushups… but what else is out there? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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