Desk Perfection

So this whole working from home thing is amazing… except for all the times that it isn’t. It’s not that I don’t love being my own boss and setting my own schedule (I do!), it’s just that – well – sometimes I get a little sick of being inside my apartment. And that’s the thing – I love my apartment. When there’s someone else here. But when it’s just me and the kittens I start to go a little stir crazy. My anxiety goes into overdrive, or I get so bored that I start to pace around.

My fiance is in sales, and travels a lot for his job – but when he isn’t on the road he’s working from home. And our tiny apartment – which felt huge when I had a job outside of these walls – just isn’t equipped to have two people doing their jobs from this space. We only have one desk for crying out loud! And I would just love, love, love to carve out my own little space and create the perfect “office” for myself. Which leads me to…

Desk Perfection

My dream office/desk space.

West Elm Parsons Desk with Drawers

This desk (West Elm Parsons Desk with Drawers, $399.00) is absolute  perfection. It’s super simple and elegant, and has two drawers to tuck away any loose papers or confidential information.

This acrylic file box (Russell+Hazel Acrylic File Box, $74.00) is perfect for keeping [non-confidential] files easily accessible without cluttering up a ton of space.

This adorable desk set is perfect for storing bits and bobs (and of course writing utensils) and adding a pop of color to what would otherwise probably be a pretty minimalistic desk.

What accessories or furnishings would make it onto your perfect workspace?

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