Wedding Wednesday | Engagement Photos, Part 1

Our engagement photos are coming up this weekend, and all I can say is… how random. On the one hand, it feels kind of like being back in school for picture day (What will I wear? What if my hair doesn’t cooperate?!), and on the other it’s one of these wedding moments that make the entire thing feel so … real.

Blueflash Photography engagement session


I mean, yes, having the ring on my finger makes it real. And buying my gown definitely made it real. Meeting with the florists, venues, Priests, etc. made it seem real.. but this… this is something that is actually happening. It’s not a discussion about something in the future – this is kind of the beginning of it all. Once we get the photos back we’ll be making a super quick decision as to whether or not to use them as part of the save the dates, or to just send out save the dates that match the rest of our wedding stationary and then it’s really game on – no backing out once the save the dates are sent! (Note: Relax, there’s no need to worry that either of us are having any “backing out” thoughts – this is 7+ years in the making!)

Blueflash Photography engagement session

I’ve literally spent weeks planning what Chuck and I will be wearing for our session (if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a couple of posts asking for opinions, which I then deleted), and where it will be. And what we’ll do if the weather is less than perfect. And how we’ll be posing. I’ve been constantly checking Pinterest for outfit and pose inspiration, and just generally freaking out a little bit (which is the story of my life, so really NBD). Chuck and I aren’t super fond of having our pictures taken, so I’m afraid that everything will look a bit stiff – but as you can see if you flip through our photographers work  you can see he has a knack for making everything look relaxed and completely perfect!

Blueflash Photography engagement session

That said – I think that the photographer we chose (Blueflash Photography) will help to make the entire experience perfect. The photos you’ve seen sprinkled throughout this post are courtesy of Blueflash (from other people’s engagement sessions, haha) and I just love, love, LOVE their work! When we initially met with Matt in his studio he told us that an engagement session is like a test run for the big day – a chance to spend some time getting to know your photographer before you spend a large portion of the most important day of your life with them. And that’s how I’m looking at this – we’ll hopefully get some amazing photos out of it, but most importantly it’ll get us used to having a camera in our face so that when it happens on the big day we aren’t completely caught off guard.

Once the photos are done, and we decide what we’ll be using for save the dates (if any) I’ll be sure to post some here! 


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