The British Invasion

Today’s been a weird day, to say the least. I woke up snug as a bug in my apartment only to be reminded that my fiance would be leaving to go visit some friends in Maine. And then I remembered that my parents are out of town, as is one of my sisters, and my other sister is working. So I’m watching my parents’ pups.

The thing about all that though – is my anxiety isn’t awesome in these situations. And by “isn’t awesome” I mean “is absolutely horrible.” But whatever.

So I’ve been doing what I can to distract myself today, and it seems that what has been working best is binge-watching YouTube videos.

I have no idea why – but some of the best YouTube content (or at least, what I find to be my favorite content) is coming out of England… Brighton, to be specific. (Does anyone know why all of the YouTubers seem to live in Brighton? Is it just a coincidence? Is it a really awesome town? Do they have amazing lighting year round?)

And that reminded me that Hey! I made a few YouTube videos! And it was fun. So I’m thinking maybe I’ll start doing that again. Although, what I’ve realized about these British YouTubers is that they seem to have to make everything they do video worthy (when they’re daily vlogging, at least). That means they’re going grocery shopping with friends, or they’re taking random jaunts into town to visit cute little bakeries and shops mid-day. On the one hand, it makes sense since that’s their job, but on the other hand… my day isn’t nearly that interesting. I wake up (usually an hour after my alarm goes off), rush to get ready in 12 minutes, drive to work, sit there for 8+ hours, come home – do more work for my clients, and then crawl into bed around 10pm absolutely exhausted.

But watching these YouTubers has also made me realize something else – they’re all doing what they love. And it just so happens that what they love is making them money. Meanwhile, I seem to have stepped away from what I love (writing here and utilizing my other social media platforms) in favor of writing for clients and managing their social media platforms.

So how do I find the balance, guys?

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