Courtney Takes New York

Remember that trip to New York I had to take for work, the one I was scared out of my mind of?

Well, I did it!

In the spirit of always being 100% honest here, I’m going to say that it was not easy. In fact, it’s was really, really hard. I took more Xanax in less than 48 hours than I taken in 2 weeks, and I didn’t really eat the entire time I was there… but the important thing is that I did it.

Yes, I nearly bolted from the train station as the train from Providence to New York was pulling into the station (no seriously, I was almost at the door to the stairs!), and yes, I may have woken up at 4:30am in my hotel room in a cold sweat from having one of those super-fun “panic attacks while you sleep” – but … I lived!

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