Keep Your New Year’s Resolution – Yoo Review

We’re nearly half way through January (can you believe it?!) and this is the point of the year where New Year’s Resolutions start to fly out the window. Suddenly, the momentum of the first week is gone and it’s so easy to let – well, life – get in the way.

The Yoo Challenge is the perfect way to keep up with your fitness goals!

Yoo 2

The Yoo itself (which looks very small up there, but is actually very tiny) is a small pedometer (that comes in a few different colors) that you can clip to your clothing or shoe to keep track o your steps. It syncs to your phone via Bluetooth so you can monitor your progress (you can also check it using the LED lights if your cell phone isn’t handy), but that’s not all! The Yoo initially starts with an “Old Yoo” – a little (very angry looking) character that you’re supposed to beat by walking a certain number of steps. Once you’ve beat the original Old Yoo, then your best step count will become the Old Yoo – with the goal being that every day you’ll take a few more steps to best yourself.

When I was given the Yoo to try out, I was super excited about this gamification of exercise, and to try to keep walking further every day. The only downside of the Yoo was that since I needed to clip it to my clothes to get a reading all day (as opposed to if I was just using it at the gym), I would sometimes forget it if I was wearing a dress. It’s not quite as convenient as a fitness monitor that you wear on your wrist, but it’s certainly a lot more fun!

The Yoo 2 (which is the one I got to try out) retails for $49.99, and can be purchased here.

Disclaimer: I was given a Yoo 2 to try out in exchange for this review. That said, my review is 100% honest and has not in any way been swayed by the free product.

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