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Prince William Kate Middleton

Rumors had been running rampant that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka Prince William and Kate Middleton) had plans to hire an additional nanny after the birth of their second child – due in April.

Prince William Kate Middleton
The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge


And this news was decidedly not  well received by members of the general public. After all, the royal duo already have 1 full-time nanny for their son Prince George, and Kate – unfortunately – doesn’t log nearly as many royal working hours as her in-laws. Prince William, of course, is barely logging any royal working hours – he’s studying/training to be a full-time helicopter ambulance pilot.

It is now being said, however, that the royal couple have no plans to hire an additional nanny or maternity nurse, and plan to continue to be hands-on parents. Whether that’s just a change of course based on the public dismay, or was the plan all along, it seems to be the right decision for a couple whose PR stock seems to be sinking.

I was, admittedly, a huge fan of The Duke and Duchess. I was rooting for Kate from the very beginning of her relationship to William, but now I feel a bit let down and a bit silly. Kate hasn’t worked nearly as much as I had hoped she would, and William… well… for a future king, he seems to be taking his role a bit lightly. His choice of career (ambulance pilot, and prior to that search and rescue with the RAF) is a noble and important one, of course, but as the future King, he should be doing a bit more in the way of royal engagements, and less time on vacation and managing “full-time” jobs. His younger brother, Prince Harry, has been racking up the royal engagements recently, while also managing a full-time job as a staff officer within the Ministry of Defense, based a Horse Guards.

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