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Prince Harry Emma Watson

Shut the front door! Rumor has it that Prince Harry, Britain’s (the world’s?) most eligible bachelor might be off the market… and that Emma Watson is the lucky lady to have snagged him. Or, to flip that around – rumor has it that Prince Harry might just be lucky enough to have landed himself the fiercest, wittiest, smartest, prettiest (can you tell I have a total #girlcrush?) young woman on the planet – Emma Watson. Oh, and she’s a bona fide wizard, ‘arry!

Prince Harry Emma Watson

Honestly, I’m not going to lie – I can hardly contain my excitement at this, and I really, really, really hope it’s true. It probably isn’t but a number of tabloids are citing an “unnamed source” that’s claiming the duo have been getting to know each other at a couple of social events, and that Prince Harry is “smitten” with the actress.

Prince Harry has, famously, been a bit un-lucky in love. He keeps falling for girls who ultimately don’t want to deal with the “royal lifestyle,” and leave him. His first love, Chelsy Davy, was with him for over six years before finally making the break permanent, and he dated Cressida Bonas (who is now embarking on a pretty successful acting and modeling career) for two years before she split.

Interestingly, it seems that the very thing that caused Chelsy and Cressida to leave – the undue attention – could be something that Emma is able to easily handle. She’s already one of the most watched women in the world, and has forged her career well ahead of her royal connections. While Chelsy and Cressida were worried that the royal connection could hurt their career or even stifle it, Emma doesn’t need to worry about that at all.

So, here’s hoping these rumors are real!

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