Cara Delevingne Keeps Her Cool During The World’s Most Awkward Interview

Cara Delevingne, the fashion It-Girl and now A-List actress, is known the world over for pulling quirky faces and having a quick wit. Unfortunately, it seems that the anchors of Good Day Sacramento missed the memo, as they insulted her a few times and then cut her interview short earlier today!

Cara Delevingne Paper Towns

The British actress was speaking with the anchors via a live-feed (so she was not in their studios) to promote her newest film, Paper Towns, and things went from bad to worse right out of the gate. To start, Cara was introduced to viewers by anchor Marianne McClary as “Carla,” which earned a plastered-on smile from the actress but no comment.

From there, Marianne and her co-anchor Ken Rudulph peppered her with questions about her busy schedule and whether or not she had any time to read the book. While Cara initially responded with sarcastic comments (and a smile and a laugh), as is her nature, the anchors eventually got downright rude – with a third TV personality, Mark Allen,┬ájumping in from off-set to ask her why she didn’t seem very enthusiastic to be speaking with them.

Eventually they ended the interview, telling her to go “take a nap” and “drink some Red Bull” – while leaving her still connected to her microphone and on camera. Cara appeared stunned for a few moments, and could be heard muttering “too far” at their comments. Mercifully, however, the camera cut to bars before the anchors really began ripping in to her, saying that “making $5 million for six weeks of work” should make her more excited to speak to them.

Kudos to Cara for keeping her cool (… and apologizes for that alliteration).

You can check out the totally cringe-worthy interview below.


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