Cocktail Hour | Sparkling Apple and Cranberry Cocktail

This is another cocktail that I’m revising a bit, folks. Because creativity! And also, I don’t love pear, which this recipe originally called for.

With fall just around the corner (you can’t deny it any more – right now the temperature in Massachusetts is hovering in the low 70’s and it’s glorious!) this cocktail is the perfect thing to get into the spirit of the season. Apples – and pears – are in season right now, and apple cider will be hitting store¬†shelves in short order!

Sparkling Apple and Cranberry Cocktail

Sparkling Pear and Cranberry


  • 2 tablespoons dry cranberries
  • 1/2 cup¬†apple cider or juice (Note: The original recipe calls for organic pear nectar.)
  • 32 ounces Moscato d’Asti wine
  • 8 small sprigs fresh rosemary (Note: I, personally, would skip this)


  1. Put cranberries in a small bowl; add 2 tablespoons warm water. Soak until cool, about 15 minutes. Drain, pat dry, and refrigerate until serving.

  2. Divide apple cider/juice evenly among eight tall champagne glasses.

  3. Add cranberries.

  4. Gently pour the Moscato d’Asti into the glasses.

  5. Garnish each with a rosemary sprig.

Original Recipe

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