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If you follow me on Pinterest (or took a peek at the widget on the homepage) you may have noticed that for the last few days I’ve been pinning tons of images of living rooms/family rooms and dining rooms. While these rooms are gorgeous in their entirety, and most of the furniture is perfect, the reason I’ve been pinning them is for their area rugs.

The family room, dining room, living room, and entry hall of our new home has hardwood floors, while the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, and the adjoining hallway all have tile. Since the floor plan is so open everything echos, so on top of needing area rugs to put the finishing touches on the rooms and kind of pull them together, we also need them to make things a bit quieter… because right now when our cats (that weigh about 7 pounds each) run around upstairs it sounds like they’re about to come through the ceiling.

To that end, I’ve decided that we’ll be getting matching area rugs for the dining room, family room, in front of the front door, and a runner to go in front of our hall closet. If the front foyer was more centered, I would love to get a large round rug to hang under the chandelier, but since it’s slightly off center I think it would look a bit wonky. What do you think?

the blogtini house
The “foyer,” as viewed from the family room… with a cat! Please excuse the poor lighting/quality. Also, the basement door is open because we have yet to install a cat door.

As always, though, the problem I’m running into is that my husband and I have very different tastes. Where I tend to like more traditional decor (think Oriental/Turkish inspired rugs), he is into things that are a bit more modern (less ornamental, with more linear designs – if any at all). He has also been having trouble visualizing what the rugs will look like in our home… just another reason to thank my lucky stars that Pinterest exists. I’ve been searching specifically for rugs in rooms that have furniture similar to ours (although for the slideshow below I just chose some of my favorites in general, regardless of whether or not their furniture looks similar to ours).

To take a look at some of the rugs and styles I’m loving, check out the slideshow below!


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