Beauty Review | Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara

I’ve only ever done two true beauty reviews on this blog, and I’ve got to say – I really enjoyed writing them. (I’ve also done two tutorials and one MAC + Sephora haul.) Since I’m attempting to get a little bit better at writing here, I decided to take a gander at my makeup bag and see what I’ve purchased recently that was worthy of some public praise.

The answer came in an unlikely place.

For years I’ve been using the Sephora Plumper mascara – so you can imagine my surprise and dismay when a few months ago I went to purchase a refill and it was no longer available. I took a look at the display and grabbed what I thought was its replacement, the Sephora Outrageous Volume mascara – but somehow I messed that up and grabbed the Sephora Outrageous Curl mascara instead.

Sephora Outrageous Curl Mascara

Now, time for a disclosure – I ignored this product for a while. I meant to return it when I realized my error and just never got around to it. If it had been more expensive I probably would have made it a point to return it but at $12 I was content to just forget about it in my makeup drawer.  I didn’t try it sooner because my eyelashes are really long, and really straight –  even when I curl them with an eyelash curler it doesn’t really do anything. They just kind of fold in half for a few minutes and then fall straight again. To be completely honest, I didn’t think it was possible that a curling mascara would actually do anything.

Months and months later, I was in a crunch for mascara. The remaining dredges of my Plumper stash had run out, and my husband and I were hosting our first party in our new home. I needed mascara and I didn’t have the time to run to the mall so I grabbed the Outrageous Curl, popped it on, and ran out of the bathroom.

Uhm guys. Remember when I said I didn’t think it would do anything to actually curl my lashes? I could not have been more wrong.

My stick straight, super long lashes that usually just get weirdly folded in half by curlers before falling straight again have a gorgeous curve to them. Without even using a curler. I’ve never really known the magic of curling your eyelashes – but wow. Just, wow. It literally transforms my face. My lashes look so pretty that I don’t even think I would notice if my nose fell off.

Moral of the story: If you’re in the market for a new mascara, definitely give the Sephora Outrageous Curl mascara a shot. You will not be disappointed!

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