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Home Decor Front Door Wreath

As I’ve mentioned a couple of times (here and here), when we purchased our home the very, very first thing we did was paint the entire thing. Yep. Every single wall in the entire house was painted. We hired a professional to do the work, since I suck at painting and my husband and I wanted it done before we moved in.

In total, we had to choose eight different colors for the rooms in our house, including the bathrooms, laundry room, and hallways.

(Please note: We aren’t nearly done decorating, most of our walls are pretty bare right now – which is extra noticeable due to the height of the ceilings – and still need some artwork or other items to make it all more homey.)

First Floor Home Tour

The first thing you see in our house that got a paint job is the very last thing we decided to paint – our front door! We were happy enough with the color of the door (more of a true blue), but once the rest of the house got a fresh coat of paint the door looked a bit lackluster. I went to my trusty Benjamin Moore paint chips and selected Van Deusen (Benjamin Moore #HC-156) blue, which is one of their historical colors – and I am absolutely obsessed with it.

Home Decor Front Door Wreath
How gorgeous is this wreath? My cousin’s wife’s mother handmade it – I’m in love!

the blogtini home decor entry way

Once you walk in the door you’re greeted with the Dining Room on your left and the Living Room on your right. The table, chairs, and mirror in the Dining Room were all given to me by my parents. My mom actually bought the table and chairs from an antique shop after she she and my dad got married. A few years ago she got a new, larger table and put this one in storage for me. (Thanks Mom!) The hutch was a Craigslist find after we moved in – I’m completely obsessed with it! I think I paid $75, and my dad helped me get it from the former owner’s home into mine. The candlesticks were wedding gifts, and the bowl in the center of the table was one of the low centerpiece holders at our wedding. (The poinsettia was a gift from my aunt during our Christmas Party at the beginning of December – it’s holding on for dear life!)

We’ve got a chandelier that we’re planning to hang above the table, and we’re going to add some additional pieces on the walls.

the blogtini dining room home decor


The back of the house has the open floor plan Family Room and Kitchen. Although the previous owners had attempted to define each space with it’s own nifty paint job, we decided we wanted to just paint the entire thing one neutral color to take advantage of the layout and pull it all together.

the blogtini home decor family room sectional
Please ignore the Christmas decorations!  🙂

the blogtini home decor family room 2

We ended up going with Benjamin Moore’s Big Bend Beige for the first floor, the stairwell, and second floor hallway/landing. To be honest, I had wanted to go with a gray or “greige” (gray + beige) color, but Chuck was opposed to that (he felt having an entirely gray house would make it feel “mopey” inside) so we settled on a traditional, cool-toned true beige. 

the blogtini home decor kitchen
The kitchen from different angels.

For the laundry room and first floor bathroom we went with Benjamin Moore’s Brittany Blue, which is a pretty light-but-not-powdery and very clean shade of blue. Since Big Bend Beige has cool undertones, this blue color works well and doesn’t seem jarring when you look down the hallway from the kitchen into the laundry room.

home decor open floor plan the blogtini
See the laundry room – waaaay at the end of that hallway…

Next week I’ll be sharing some photos of our second floor and the colors we decided to go with up there (hint, they’re mostly green).

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The Blogtini Home Tour

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