Hello… It’s Me.

Recently, I’ve felt that my life was in a bit of a rut, which is part of why I decided to bring back the blogging full-force and organize my little piece of the Internet. Whatever type of day I’m having, sitting down and writing just makes me feel a little more calm and centered, and makes me feel that I have some control over something on the days where everything feels like it’s spiraling out of control. My nifty editorial calendar (thanks Trello!) that I’ve come up with also helps me feel like I’m the master of my own universe – organizing my writing schedule, shifting things around, writing down my ideas… it’s all very cathartic, and I really, truly enjoy it.

TheBlogtini.com is now a truer reflection of me and what’s happening in my life. (I debated changing the name and starting completely afresh, but alas – I’ve got some sentimental attachment to this URL.) I’m doing my best to cook dinner for Chuck and myself most days of the week – which means you’ll be getting some recipe posts, we’re slowly but surely decorating our home, which means you’ll be seeing posts about that process, and we’re figuring out everything that goes along with throwing a party, hosting a dinner, organizing our finances (dear Lord this one is tricky!), and just being full-fledged adults. So expect a lot of “why did I not know that was a thing I had to do?!” posts. (Honestly, I’m making a concerted effort to stop calling my parents for every little thing – they probably would disagree since I still call them an alarming amount, but … baby steps.)

My intention is that I’ll no longer be posting straight pop-culture and entertainment “gossip,” although it’s very likely that I’ll still be writing about pop-culture and entertainment when it fits into the context of a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle post.

Additionally,  I will still be writing about royals, but I’ve separated them from this website (kind of). No matter what I do, I can’t get over my love of the royals and history in general. I’m a nerd. I’ve embraced it, so you should too. If you’re interested in seeing lots of royal content, head over to The Royal Blogtini (aka TRB, which I’ve got linked in the sidebar to post select content) – otherwise I’ll be posting a Royal Roundup every week that covers some of the royal headlines of the week, or content that I’ve written during the week, with links to either TRB or other royal news and information sites.

So – what can you expect?

  • Fashion
    • Style Stalker
    • Lust or Bust
    • Random style inspiration posts
    • (What you won’t get: street style pictures of me – I am just not that cool) 
  • Beauty
    • Reviews
    • Hauls
    • Tutorials (possibly)
  • Lifestyle
    • Decor
    • Food & Drink Recipes
    • Entertainment Reviews (books, TV, movies, music)
    • Random #adulting tips
    • An Inspired Week – Images and blog posts from around the Internet that I’m finding inspiring

I’ve got an editorial calendar full of posts, lists of ideas for topics, and lots of things already scheduled for you in the upcoming days and weeks – so stay tuned!

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