Style Stalker | Gigi Hadid’s Grey Sweaterdress

Much like her BFF, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid is everywhere right now. Whether I’m looking at Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, tabloids, random news websites… I can’t get away from her. And I’m thrilled about it. Because, let’s be honest, Gigi is freaking glorious. I mean – I don’t want to sound too much like I’ve got a raging girl crush on this one… but I do. Her style is suuuuper laid back while still being ultra-chic. So laid back and so chic, in fact, that she has been spotted (on numerous occasions!) rocking sweatpants and heels. That’s a look that we mere mortals can’t even attempt to replicate, lest people think we’re completely lost our marbles.

Gigi Hadid

Today though, I’m taking a look at a slightly more attainable Gigi look. Yesterday (Monday) Gigi and her sister Bella Hadid were spotted in Paris heading into the Chanel offices for a fitting (tough life, right?) and Gigi looked ultra-glam in an over-sized sweaterdress, knee-high boots (the same one she rocked with sweats), and sunglasses.

The key to Gigi’s super comfy look is that even though the sweaterdress is baggy, it’s still tailored in a way that it fits exactly where it should across her shoulders and even, to some extent, her chest. It’s not form-fitting at all, but it’s fitted enough that she doesn’t look like she threw on a potato sack (although if she had, I’m sure she’d still look amazing). Also, the fact that the dress hits just above her knee keeps it from looking like she is wearing something that simply belongs to someone three times her size.

Anywho – check out my finds below for some awesome replicas of her ensemble. Some of them are a bit pricey, but there are some affordable options in there too – the French Connection and Nordstrom options (bottom row) are awesome finds, and the Daisy Street boots ($77) are almost identical to Gigi’s $798 Stuart Weitzmans.


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