Prince Harry’s American Girlfriend

Poor Prince Harry – he can hardly leave the house without the world’s media speculating that he’s got a new girlfriend (see examples here, here, and here). Either that, or he’s being dubbed the “party prince” and “perpetually lonely” – just ask one not-so-kind British tabloid, who is now tossing around allegations that his parents’ messy divorce has put him off the idea of love forever. Oh please. He’s 31 and has had one seven year relationship and one two year relationship. Just because those ladies, for whatever reason, weren’t the one doesn’t mean he’ll never find her.

That said – if recent reports are to be believed, the newest lady auditioning for the role of Her Royal Highness Princess Harry is a 22-year old American PR Assistant who works for Dior and lives in LA. Ahh, there’s nothing like an 11-hour flight to really help a new relationship take root.

Juliette Labelle Prince Harry girlfriend
Juliette Labelle – via The Sun (and her Instagram account, before it was made private)

So who is this mystery woman? Her name is Juliette Labelle, and if she isn’t actually dating Prince Harry her life is about to get incredibly dramatic. However, I can’t imagine where the tabloids would have picked up on the random story of a lowly PR Assistant dating Prince Harry if there was at least some truth to the rumor – where there’s smoke there’s fire, after all.

Not shockingly, her Instagram account has been set to private and her Twitter accounts are devoid of anything more recent than summer 2014. Even her LinkedIn profile is surprisingly stark – bearing just her name and place of current employment (Dior, Celebrity Relations division) but tabloids are reporting that she’s got the same boho-style and love of life that both Cressida Bonas and Chelsy Davy (Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends) were known for.

For what it’s worth, she’s denying she even knows Prince Harry…

Is Prince Harry really dating an American PR Assistant? No one knows for certain – and of course the palace would never comment one way or another, so we’ll keep our eye out.

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