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I did it you guys – January 1 came around and I made a resolution to lose weight (and stop eating pizza and fast food until my birthday in June). Because I’m a female human being and that’s what we’re freaking programmed to do.

Well, that went well! Or, you know … not.

I was so determined to get back into gear and then … disaster struck. I was fired from my job out of the blue. I had been working on a few big projects, we were moving in a great direction, and suddenly I was out on my ever-expanding bum. There was a lot of tears, and lots of comfort food binge sessions. (And can you believe that during that time I only posted here three times – way to be a bad blogger, Courtney!)

My forced period of leisure lasted from the very beginning of February until the end of March – so almost 2 full months. I started my new job (which I am loving so far, BTW!) during the last week of March and promptly got sick. And when I say “sick,” I don’t mean “Oh just the sniffles.” I was battling a cold for about a week, and by the beginning of the second week I was so sick that I honestly didn’t have the energy to answer my desk phone at work. I went into work on Monday and Tuesday of last week and was a mess. On Tuesday morning the General Manager kept telling me to go home, but I was determined to tough it out. Finally around 10am I decided to compromise and said I would go to the CVS Minute Clinic down the street for a prescription for some extra-strength cough syrup.


The doctor spoke with me for approximately 3 minutes (well, as much as she could – I had almost completely lost my voice!) before telling me I had bronchitis, a bacterial sinus infection, an upper respiratory viral infection, and it looked like it could be headed toward pneumonia… yeah. I was ordered home with 2 days of bed rest (“When I say “go home” I do not mean “go home and take it easy but do laundry and run some errands,” I mean “go home, go to bed, and do not get up until Thursday morning.””). So, I went home and went to bed for 2 days and woke up on Thursday feeling 75% better – which was a huge improvement because I was feeling about -135% healthy on Tuesday morning.

So through all of that – the jobloss, the new job stress, and being so sick I could barely think – I’ve lost a grand total of zero pounds! My weight has fluctuated a bit, but anything I’ve lost I’ve quickly regained.

And now it’s time to get into gear. Because honestly guys, I just can’t. I’m not happy with how I look. I’m not happy with how I feel. And (and this one is hugely important to me) my husband and I would like to have a baby in the near-ish future, and I do not want to get pregnant while I am unhealthy and out of shape. Being pregnant and creating life! can take a toll on your body, so I imagine that it’s best for both baby and momma to be already on top of your game. (And, I’m vain. Being pregnant will obviously mean weight gain – and if I’m already overweight, adding more to that ain’t going to be pretty, and it will be even harder to lose.)

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First up, since I’m still recovering from having all of the germs, is some light exercised. I’ve been doing some yoga stretching and body-weight exercises like plié squats (minus the dumbbells because I’m just not there yet), which are great for working your inner thighs and glutes (my problem areas), as well as some ab workouts. I don’t think my lungs can really handle cardio yet – but with the weather getting nicer I am itching to get out on the roads for a nice run.

My plan here is to document my daily exercise and food logs. I was planning to start doing this anonymously on a newly created blog… but why? I’ve got my own little corner of the Internet right here 🙂

So stay tuned. Feel free to chime in in the comments or via social media!

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