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Honestly, nothing makes me happier in the summer than an all white ensemble. Do I spend the entire time I’m wearing it terrified of going anywhere near anything but water? Of  course. And do I freak out at the thought of getting too close even to the water, lest my ensemble end up completely see-through? Yep. #ThisIsWhyICantHaveNiceThings.

But darn it all if a cool, crisp, summer white outfit doesn’t make me feel amazing.

It’s often said that black is the most slimming color, but when done right white can be just as slimming – especially if you’ve got a bit of a bronzy-glow going on from the sun and a pair of #nothingshoes.

Cool For The Summer 7.9.16

ONE Stylestalker Love Bomb | TWO NastyGal All Time Low Halter Jumper | THREE Dress The Population “Gwen” Dress | FOUR Missguided Premium Crepe Wide Leg Pants | FIVE Missguided Capped Sleeve White Crop Top

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