Pippa Middleton Is Engaged

Well folks, it has finally happened. Pippa Middleton – the most eligible young woman in all the world (or at least in England) is officially off the market.

After splitting with her ex-boyfriend Nico Jackson late last year, Pippa moved on fairly quickly to James Matthews (pictured with her, above, at Wimbledon earlier this month), who she had briefly dated in 2012. Their romance seemed to be a whirlwind, to be sure, with plans leaking shortly after they got back together that James was making renovations for “his and hers dressing rooms” in his $14 million mansion in Chelsea. (Although, given the photographic evidence, it’s also possible that there is some timeline overlap as Pippa and James were spotted together a few times before her split from Nico was confirmed. Whoops!)

Pippa Middleton Engagement Ring
Pippa Middleton’s gorgeous engagement ring

According to those in the know (i.e.: professional jewelers), Pippa’s ring appears to be a 3+ (most sources are saying a firm 4) carat asher cut diamond with a bevel-halo setting. And it. Is. Stunning.

I mean – just look at that thing!

Anyway. Getting engaged to James means big things for Ms. Middleton. For starters, there are a few sources stating that one day her husband will inherit the Scottish manorial title of Laird of Glen Affric, which will make Pippa a full-fledged Lady. However, I’m a bit skeptical about this title.

From what little research I did, it looks as if the title in its original form became extinct in the late 19th century, though it’s unclear if it was revived when ownership of the manor changed hands.

Additionally – and most importantly – it doesn’t appear that James’s father actually uses the title. James’s younger brother, Spencer Matthews, was one of the original cast members of the British reality series Made In Chelsea (which is amazing and I highly recommend you all go watch immediately), and the title has never been mentioned there either. While that may not be proof positive of anything, there have long been rumors of the MIC show-runners trying to get actual titled or royal cast members and having always been blocked. In fact, both Princess Eugenie and Pippa herself run in the same circles as many of the cast members, and neither have ever signed off on participating in the show or even appearing at the same location where filming may be taking place, much to the show-runners chagrin. That leads me to believe that if Spencer and James’ father was, in fact, legitimately titled it would have found its way into the MIC plotlines somehow.

So – take that with a grain of salt, but one thing is certain: the Middleton/Matthews wedding will certainly be one to behold. Designers are probably already lined up around the block outside of their Chelsea flat trying to convince Pippa to let them design her gown. And while this won’t be the televised, world-wide spectacle that William and Kate’s wedding was, this is sure to create a tabloid frenzy.

Picture it now: Prince George and Princess Charlotte walking down the aisle as the ring bearer and flower girl, with The Duchess of Cambridge doing her duty as an older sister and Matron of Honor (and life member of #TeamMiddleton) by helping Pippa out of the car. Carole Middleton will surely be in her element as the only mom in the spotlight that day (James’s parents are decidedly less paparazzi-friendly) and will probably (hopefully?!) be escorted down the aisle by her son-in-law Prince William, as her husband – Michael Middleton – will be walking Pippa down the aisle. Pippa’s brother, James Middleton, will of course do a reading – as he did at William and Kate’s wedding – although this time he’ll be accompanied into the church by his glamorous on-again girlfriend Donna Air.

So … what do you guys think?

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