Princess Beatrice’s Ex-Boyfriend Dave Clark Is Engaged

Princess Beatrice + Princess Eugenie

Less than one year after the Princess Beatrice and her boyfriend, Uber executive Dave Clark, broke up it has been confirmed that he is now engaged to his new girlfriend Lynn Anderson. This probably comes as quite a shock to Princess Beatrice, as she and Dave ultimately split when – after 10 years of dating – she gave him an ultimatum to get engaged or go their separate ways. Dave, it seems, chose the latter.

Princess Beatrice and Dave Clark
Princess Beatrice and her ex-boyfriend, Dave Clark (via Wikipedia)

Dave’s announcement comes directly from him via his Instagram page, where he posted a photo of he and his new fiance, Lynn, smiling and showing off her gorgeous diamond ring.

Dave Clark Engagement

Of course, this leads me to speculate that Dave’s intentions with Princess Beatrice were ┬ánever quite as honorable as they seemed. It had long been thought that the holdup in Dave proposing was that, while Princess Beatrice was sixth (or higher) in line to the British throne Dave would have to ask The Queen’s permission. However, after the birth of Princess Charlotte, when Princess Beatrice dropped to seventh in line, that requirement passed… and he still didn’t propose (which is said to be what led to Princess Beatrice’s ultimatum).

The fact that he ended up dating someone – and later proposed to her! – so quickly after the breakup leads me to believe (although possibly – hopefully! – incorrectly) that he was with Princess Beatrice for her status more than any thing else. At the very least, a decade of dating with no proposal and a breakup after an ultimatum shows that Dave was with her out of comfort and the fear that a breakup would cause a huge hassle, rather than out of any strong feelings of love and a future together.

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