A Little Life Update

Wow. Just… wow. So much has happened since the last time I wrote (May!) that I feel like I’m just coming up now for air. Since the seasons are changing and there are even more huge things coming up, I figured that now would be the perfect time for me to give a little update on what’s been going on and what to expect.

First, the most important announcement: we’re having a baby! My husband and I absolutely cannot wait to meet our baby boy this winter. Getting pregnant (intentionally, lol) after spending a good chunk of my life actively trying to avoid being pregnant was a weird thing – throw in the fact that we were had just started trying (actually, we were in the “we’re not not trying” phase) and it was more shocking than I would have expected. Had we been trying for a few months or had difficulties I know it would have become a stressful situation, so to wake up one morning, pee on a stick because I had “a  feeling,” and see those glorious two lines… it was just completely surreal! So, with that, you can probably figure out what’s coming next – baby and mommy content. Not a ton. My husband and I are in agreement that I probably won’t be sharing a ton about the baby on here in terms of photos and daily anecdotes. After all – blogging is my thing, not his (the baby’s). I, personally, don’t think it’s fair to share intimate details about his life without him even knowing what’s going on – I definitely don’t need that coming back to bite me in the teenage angst years. But you can expect me to share my experiences and stories – and yes, probably some cute photos on social media from time to time. But I don’t see this space going full-on Mommy Blog. (But who knows, really.)

Second, after moving into our new home (slash my old home, since we bought it from my parents) over a year ago we are finally, finally getting around to redecorating. It’s been a bit strange living in the house I spent my teenage years in with it decorated exactly the same as my parents left it… especially when we have similar furniture to what my parents had (brown leather and dark-ish wood furniture). I swear, sometimes when I’m sitting in the family room watching TV I expect my dad to come downstairs and steal the remote. The painters are starting later this week, and I truly cannot wait. The paint colors are all picked out, I literally just (as in, right before sitting down to write this post) ordered new curtain rods, and got the curtains from our old home (which are basically like new since we only lived there for about a year and will hopefully go well with the new colors) out of storage – we are ready to rock and roll!

Third, I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it but I’m back to working for myself full-time… and have been for over a year now. Things are hectic, but they’re good. So good. It was a weird situation when it happened (I had a job, had a job offer for a new job – then suddenly had neither because right after I accepted the new job there was a hiring freeze… and my old job wasn’t psyched about that), but my husband and I had been discussing our future, having kids, the insane cost of child care, so it actually came at a perfect time for us to give me being fully self-employed a “trial run” so that once I got pregnant and we had a child we knew we’d be able to sustain things. So far, so good!

Fourth, of course it wouldn’t be an update on my life if I didn’t share the wonderful news that The Duchess of Cambridge is also expecting. Okay – not an update on my life at all, obviously. But since the last post before this one was about her sister’s wedding I thought it would be fun to throw in.

Now – we’ve been through this before. I know, I know. I say I’m going to come back and write more. I do well for about 15 minutes and then radio silence. I’m sorry! If there’s anyone still out there reading this, I truly apologize. But since I’m finally in the swing of things with working for myself, and have some awesome content coming up with the home decor and new baby, I’m going to say it again – and mean it – I’m back!

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