Oreo Trifle

Okay, I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’m an amazing chef. I’m not. I can cook a couple of things moderately well – and sometimes I’ll make something outstanding but almost never be able to repeat it. But I’m working on it! In the meantime, I’ve done my best to nail a few easy, yet seemingly impressive, dishes to whip up when we have company or for special occasions, and one of those is my Oreo Trifle.

This stuff is amazing. I mean like, downright deadly. When I first learned the recipe I was making it at random times because it’s kind of addicting. My husband however, asked me to please only make it when there’s enough people coming over to finish it up, otherwise we just eat a ridiculously delicious, chocolate-coma inducing dessert for every meal for days on end.

With Thanksgiving coming up, you bet I’m going to be whipping up this dessert to share with my guests (and setting aside a portion for myself before anyone even gets their hands on it).


  • (1) Trifle Dish (This is the one I have, it’s the perfect size for this recipe but I think you may be able to find larger ones if you need)
  • (1) box of store bought chocolate brownie mix (I like to use Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge brownies – so good!)
    • The brownie recipe calls for 1 box of mix, 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of vegetable oil (but I like to use EVOO), and water
  • (2) packages of chocolate pudding mix (I use Jell-o Sugar Free Chocolate Fudge Instant Pudding)
    • This calls for 1 box of mix and 2 cups of fat-free milk (so for this recipe it’s 2 boxes and 4 cups of milk)
      • PS: Do you like how I’m trying to be healthy by using sugar-free and fat-free in a recipe that has absolutely no hope of being even a little healthy?!
  • (1) package of Oreos
  • (1) large tub of Cool Whip – if it’s frozen make sure to let it thaw for a bit


Remember when I said this recipe was simple? I wasn’t lying.

  • Cook the brownies per the instructions on the box and let them cool
  • Cut them into squares or triangles – Note: you will probably have a small amount of brownies left over – enjoy!
  • Mix up your pudding per the instructions on the box – this should only take about 5 minutes
  • Throw some Oreos into a bag and crush them up (I hit them with a rolling pin – it’s very satisfying!)
  • Now start layering, brownies first!
    • For my sized dish I use about half the brownies per layer and I make 2 full layers but obviously different sized dishes will have different requirements
  • Make a layer of pudding, followed by a layer of crushed Oreos and then a layer of Cool Whip
  • Repeat until you get to the top of your dish
  • Once you’ve reached the tippity-top of your dish, take some whole, uncrushed Oreos and place them prettily standing up along the edges and in the center
    • I’ve found this serves double duty by also keeping any cling wrap you may be using from falling into the top layer of Cool Whip
  • Serve chilled
    • If you aren’t eating it right away you can throw it in the fridge for a while to keep it chilled – you definitely won’t want to leave it out at room temperature (or warmer) for an extended period of time due to the dairy in the pudding and Cool Whip

I’ll also be making an apple pie for Thanksgiving (which is always hit or miss since I tend to burn it – whoops!), along with the Turkey, corn, carrots, green beans, cranberry sauce, split pea soup, and corn bread… but this is hands down my favorite thing to make since it’s so delicious, really easy, AND you can make it a day ahead of time and just let it sit.

What’s YOUR favorite Thanksgiving (or anytime!) dessert?
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