James Middleton Launches Instagram Marshmallows

James Middleton, the younger brother of The Duchess of Cambridge (nee Kate Middleton) and Pippa Middleton, has recently launches his latest (in a long line) business endeavor. Apparently, James is hoping that the next “big thing” in social media will be Boomf, which are edible Instagram marshmallows. Yup, you read that right. The idea was […]

Cara Delevingne Announces Herself As the New Face of Mulberry

Cara Delevingne is at it again. This time, the blonde bombshell has taken to her Instagram account to effectively announce herself as the newest face of Mulberry. “What,” you asked, “How could she announce herself?” Easy. Like this: The model posted the above photo with the caption, “New #AW13 @Mulberry_Editor campaign” and with that, let […]